Lakeside Marine Services is pleased to be an authorized dealer and installer for DOTMobile products: DOTMobile is a modular platform that gives boaters access to data about their boats via a smartphone app or web portal. DOTMobile says the system is intended to deliver peace of mind to boat owners while increasing time on the water. According to the company, the system will allow round-the-clock monitoring, and some systems will provide such functions as tracking the vessel’s location through geofencing, sending intruder alerts (with photos), and even letting the owner remotely immobilize the boat in case of unauthorized use.

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Lakeside Marine Services is proud to be the Ontario dealer (and authorized installer/warranty repairs)  for Clean-E-Marine ( electric propulsion systems (including the Thoosa and Triton systems).

Electric propulsion offers a viable alternative to fossil fueled engines and allows for a cleaner, quieter ride. With less maintenance, there is a clear savings in cost, as well as time. More time is spent on the water instead of at the dock for repairs.

We believe that there is a more efficient way to manage our natural resources, and help to clean up our marine environment. Whether you have a sailboat, or a powerboat, feel free to contact us about finding an electric solution that will meet your requirements.